Hot Water Heaters

Hot Water Heater Installation and Repair Services in Salt Lake City

While most modern homes in Salt Lake City have instant hot showers installed, many residents depend on hot water heaters for their various needs. Like other systems in your residence, water heaters may malfunction, necessitating a professional’s help. 

Emergency Hot Water Heater Installation in Salt Lake City, West Jordan, Park City, Orem, West Valley City Utah

One common misconception about water heaters is their installations and repairs are usually done by electricians. Contrary to this popular belief, water heaters are plumbing fixtures serviced by professional plumbers. 

Installations and Replacement

If your water heater has served for more than 15 years, chances are it has started showing signs of old age. Unfortunately, no plumber can cure old age. In such a case, your only option would be to replace your old hot water heater. After the plumber assesses the situation of your water heating tank, they tell you whether you need a replacement or not. They will even suggest the best brands you can purchase from that will provide better service and durability.

Plumbers are also excellent with hot water heater installations. Perhaps you just bought or completed building a home and need a hot water heater tank installed in your plumbing systems. Note that this plumbing fixture is very sensitive and should only be installed by experts. Any negligence can lead to property damage and, in worst-case scenarios, severe harm to family members. You can trust us to install your hot water heater with care and precaution.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs a Plumber’s Attention

Closely paying attention to your hot water heater will make identifying issues during the early stages possible. If you catch sight of any of these, contact a professional plumber promptly.

No Hot Water

If you use an electric water heater and the water isn’t hot, it might imply that your heating elements are malfunctioning or their electronic circuit is hampered. Gas water heaters can also experience the same problem. This may be due to the pilot light being out. 

Sometimes, the hitch is with the tank itself. It may lose the ability to retain heat after prolonged, frequent use. Seek a professional plumber to survey the situation and devise a solution.

Pressure Issues

A pressure relief valve is a feature found on most water heater models. Its purpose is to release water tank pressure when it rises to an unhealthy level. When the valve starts to leak, it means there has likely been damage, and repair may be necessary.

Rusty Water

Your home’s tap water ought to be crystal clean. As soon as you discover colored water, call a plumber right away. This indicates that the anode rod or water heater’s water tank is deteriorating. Fortunately, if this problem is discovered in its early stages, it can be resolved. The anode rod in your unit can be conveniently removed and replaced by a qualified plumbing or HVAC expert.


Small cracks may start to appear when rust spreads across the water tank’s interior, resulting in uncontrollable leaks. Unfortunately, it is impossible to repair the majority of water tank leaks. You will need to buy a completely new system to address this issue. This is why you should organize periodic maintenance of your hot water system with a professional plumber.