Drain Cleaning

Drain and Sewer Cleaning in Salt Lake City

Your sewer lines work throughout the day, making them one of the few plumbing systems without which a home can’t function. Homeowners often forget that drains and sewers are part of the home and should be serviced or maintained as regularly as possible. 

Emergency Drain Cleaning Services in Provo, West Jordan, Orem 

Salt Lake City residents are particular culprits of this, a habit you should keep away from. Most drain problems can be caught at early stages before wreaking havoc on your entire home, but only if you purpose to care for them. 

What Does Drain Cleaning Entail?

Drain cleaning is not only important because it unclogs your systems, allowing a smooth flow of wastewater. It also ensures your home is safe from health hazards and protects your property from damage. 

You probably have a few drain-cleaning DIY remedies on your list that you want to employ. While this might work in some cases, the chemicals used in most DIYs destroy sewer pipes through corrosion. Here is why you should trust professionals to do the drain cleaning.

Full Assessment

The first step in cleaning drains and sewers is always to conduct a full assessment to determine how bad the situation is. Unlike when you use DIYs, a professional plumber will use their vast knowledge and equipment to assess your sewers. Since sewer lines are underground and can’t be accessed easily, plumbers often use tiny video cameras as their extra set of eyes. 

These cutting-edge drain cameras can monitor sewers and pipe walls and are flexible, allowing them to navigate around bends and curves in drainage systems. The plumber can view the surveillance video in real time to identify the source of your issues.


After determining what is causing your drains to clog, the plumber will decide on appropriate methods to resolve the issue. Two main methods can be employed, depending on the gravity of the matter.


Drain snakes often referred to as sewer snakes, or drain augers, are typically around 1/4-inch thick and have a grip on one side. A 25 or 50-foot drain snake can unclog a normal sink clog. The plumber inserts the snake into the pipe once it has been unspooled and cranks it until it strikes the blockage. 

The snake removes the remaining blockage and clears your drains as pieces of the obstruction begin to disintegrate and wash through the pipe. Some have an electric drill component that helps increase their ability to push past the obstruction. Snakes are particularly useful for clearing blockages deep inside a sewage pipe because of their length.

Hydro jetting

It is possible to be contemptuous of this operation if you have only heard the phrase “hydro jetting” mentioned casually or suggested by a technician, and all you grasped is the price. Conversely, skilled hydro jetting might provide unexpected advantages to your whole plumbing system.

The plumber starts the procedure by inspecting your infrastructure to look for abnormalities. If your sewers and pipelines can take it, they attach the jetting hose to your domestic drainage or septic piping and blast a suitable amount of water pressure through your pipes. 

Plumbers can modify this pressure level to push the water up to 35,000 psi depending on the health of your system. The pressurized water will thoroughly clean the insides of your drains, eliminating deposits. Gravity will transport that debris downward so it can be properly emptied outside your house. Because of this, the procedure is excellent for clearing clogs while preserving the general condition of your pipes.