Broken Pipe Repairs

Broken Pipe Repair, Replacement, and New Construction

When people talk about plumbing fixtures, they often concentrate on kitchen faucets and bathrooms, forgetting the most important of them all. Perhaps this could be because homeowners rarely encounter problems with their pipes or don’t regard pipework as complicated as other plumbing areas. 

Emergency Pipe Repairs in Salt Lake City, West Valley, West Jordan, Orem and Salt Lake County Utah

Taking care of your plumbing systems includes checking for leaky pipes. You don’t have to wait until you identify significant damage or an increase in your water bill to call your plumber. They should be frequently serviced, much like other fixtures, to ensure they are in excellent condition.

Broken Pipe Under Slab

Sadly, some leakages can occur in places that are difficult to find, let alone remedy. Most homeowners might not become aware of an issue with a leaky pipe until it has been present for a while. Because of the burst pipe, water can seep into the soil and the house’s foundation, jeopardizing its stability. 

The leakage can harm the concrete and degrade the soil nearby, in addition to squandering water. It might eventually cause the foundation to sag and move, damaging the house’s walls and flooring in the process. In extreme situations, it may even result in the crumbling of some sections of the structure.

Slab leak occurrence fluctuates from area to area. They are especially prevalent in earthquake-prone regions because the ground moving exerts great strain on pipelines, increasing their propensity to shear or break. Although Salt Lake City is not in an earthquake-prone region, there have been a number of documented cases. Additionally, older houses are more prone to slab leaks because of weakening copper pipes or failing sewerage systems.

Signs You Have a Slab Leak

Don’t be one of those ignorant homeowners who wait for the most critical time to fix their slab leaks. If you realize any of these signs, call a plumber immediately.

Unevenly Raised Spots on the Floor

The formation of a dome or elevated spot on the floor is frequently observed when the leakage has been on for long. This could also mean the foundation of your home has been weakened.

Strange, Warm Spots on the Floor

When water seeps into the ground, heat is usually emitted. The same will occur if pipes under your slab are leaking. This might, however, be hard to detect if you have tiled floors because of the nature of the material used. Carpeted floors will give the indication almost instantly.

Detecting Slab Leaks with Equipment

Thanks to technological advancement, we now have the equipment to help detect leaks in your slab. You can get one of these if you suspect a leak but cannot identify the area. Alternatively, you can call a professional plumber to evaluate your property. Plumbers are always equipped with the necessary tools and machines, more efficient than the ones we buy in stores.

Broken Pipe Repair and New Construction

Every house has many pipes that could rupture or break for several causes. To avoid water damage, dampness, or fungal growth, broken pipes must be fixed immediately, irrespective of where they are located.

If a damaged pipe is not fixed immediately, it could worsen. Your furnishings, electronics, carpeting, and clothes could be affected by leaking water. Reach out to us; our professional plumbers will help counter your broken pipe problems.